Outstanding Performance by Jenny at State Festival!


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Congratulations to Jenny (left), age 10, awarded for Outstanding Performance at the TFMC State Festival in San Marcos, TX, last weekend! She played the first movement (Lively) of the First Sonatina by Olson. Her sister Daisy (right, who also plays) cheered her on!

Piano for Preschoolers

A Keyboard Games class has started on Fridays at *time change* 2pm, in Seabrook.

Your child may join the Friday 2pm class of piano for preschoolers, called Keyboard Games. We also need at least one more student for classes on either Mondays or Fridays at 11am or Wednesdays at 5:30.

Keyboard Games is for children 4 to 5 years old. It’s a fun transition from Music Play to Piano Lessons! Regular monthly tuition is $60 (prorated in months with more or less than 4 lessons). The Music Moves for Piano: Keyboard Games Book A with CD may be purchased from the teacher ($19.95). At home, student needs an acoustic or digital piano, or keyboard, and a CD player or access to Internet on device that plays audio.

To register your child, contact Carla at 832-630-1926 or Carla@MusikhausTexas.com or fill out the form below:

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Beginning Keyboard Games student Gabriel, age 4, feeling inspired to improvise at the piano!

preschool piano league city tx

Music is connection. Getting ready to perform together.

For more information on all Musikhaus classes, see Piano & Early Childhood Music Lessons.

Early Childhood Music

New 7-week sessions of Early Childhood Music classes start April 8 at the Musikhaus Studio in Seabrook. You and your child can still join us, paying partial tuition. There are a few spaces left in each class. To sign up, contact Carla@MusikhausTexas.com, 832-630-1926 or fill out the form below.

Music Play for babies and children to 5 years of age, with caregivers. Learn how to play musically with your child! Tuition for 7-week session: $70.

  • Mondays at *time change* 10am – April 11 to May 30 (class canceled April 18 due to severe weather)
  • Fridays at 10am – April 8 to May 27 (no class on May 6)

For more info on all Musikhaus classes, see Piano & Early Childhood Music Lessons.

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Music Play is play immersed in music! Ana Luisa, age 3.

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Kids learn to sing the resting tone of a song game.

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Launching rockets in unusual paired meter… Kids LOVE this game!

Students Leave C Behind: Final Blues Improvs (Part 4)

Beginning piano player Ernesto, age 10, pushed the envelope with chromaticisms in G to develop a blues concept so cool and suave it could be out of a 1960s spy movie, complete with orchestration:

My apologies (and gratitude) to Ernesto, Gabi and Takuto for my getting so caught up in the musical moments of their lessons that I forgot to record later versions of their improvisations. Actually I never recorded Ernesto or Takuto playing their blues at all, but at least I realized my mistake with Ernesto after his last class before vacation, so I could record what I remembered of his blues.

Below is an early version of Blues in F created by Gabi, age 11. In the next couple of lessons, she added a left hand accompaniment and extended her performance by adding another 12-bar chorus (a variation of the first 12 bars), shaping the 24 bars generally into an arch. It just kept getting funkier and groovier. But even on the very first day, her idea was already a treat:

Student 12-Bar Blues Improvs (Part 3)

The recordings below feature Isabela, age 10, beginning pianist and adventurous improviser. Her first bluesy improvisation enjoys a delicious swing that’s laid back and smart at the same time:

As Isabela was noodling around with the 12-bar blues, she discovered her classical style at the piano. Since she is an experienced student of classical ballet, I take this improvisation as a nod to that part of her:

group piano league city tx

Left to right: Clara (age 8), Gabi (age 11), Ana Carolina (age 6), Carla (the teacher), and Isabela (age 10)

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