Musikhaus Piano Studio

Learn music like a language with Musikhaus teacher/owner Carla Seibert in a nurturing, fun, creative environment!


Carla teaches most piano lessons in her piano studio in Seabrook, Texas.

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Types of Weekly Classes and Lessons Offered

Piano Lessons for students age 5 and up – Develop audiation and piano performance in groups of 2 to 4 students, 45 minutes per week. Weekly 30-minute private/30-minute group lessons available for students advancing in audiation and solo piano performance. Schedule a free trial piano lesson and meet ‘n’ greet at the New Student Sign-Up page.

Music Play for babies and children 1 month to age 4 years 11 months – Singing, chanting, moving and playing. See 2023 Summer Schedule and Sign-Up.

Rates and Policies

Please see the Musikhaus Piano Studio administrative site.

When and Where to Buy a Piano?

As soon as you decide it’s time for piano lessons! There are many good deals on new and used acoustic and digital pianos in and near Houston, Clear Lake, Webster, and Pearland.


(Consult teacher before purchasing materials.)

Piano Lessons – For class and practice at home, students start with Music Moves for Piano: Keyboard Games with audio. See Music Moves for Piano for more information on this approach. At home your student needs an acoustic piano tuned to A440, or a digital piano with 88 weighted keys, and access to Internet on a device with video conferencing (preferably a laptop), plus (optionally) a tablet to access homework. Additional repertoire is purchased online and in sheet music stores.

Music Play – Clothing appropriate for freedom of movement. Classroom materials provided. For music play outside of class: a mobile device.


Musikhaus spaces, including bathroom, are wheelchair accessible (except for very wide cambered chairs).

Se habla español.

Falamos português.

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