Easy Zoom piano lessons through April 1, at least

Hi again, Musikhaus parents and students!
I will no longer send you Zoom links for piano lessons. It’s much simpler for you to set up a free basic account at https://zoom.us/ and “Join” me on Zoom by inputting my Personal Meeting ID. That’s what I’ll be sending you this week, and you’ll join all lessons with it even when we reschedule. Use a desktop, laptop or tablet for the lesson so the screen is big enough to see what I am doing.
Online piano lessons are getting better day by day!

Students and parents, this set-up gives me a side view of the student’s hands, and the laptop/ladder is super easy for the student to move to show the face up close or movement activities if student backs away. Use “gallery view” to see me and how you appear to me.

Music Play Restarts August 2019


music and movement Clear Lake Houston
I am so excited to offer music and movement classes again to babies and young children and their grown-ups! Classes will be in Clear Lake, not in the Seabrook piano studio. Sign up by August 20 at musikhaus.mymusicstaff.com/Music-Play–1mo-4yo !

Piano lessons for students age 4 and up

Starting in August 2016, small group piano lessons for 4-year-old students will be on Thursdays at 4:30 and for 5-year-olds on Mondays at 5pm, at the Musikhaus Studio in Seabrook, TX.

piano lessons clear lake houston tx

Lila, age 4, creating a short improvisation at the piano

There are still other lesson times available for piano students age 6 and up.