Music Play at Seabrook Methodist’s Children’s Day Out

On Thursday mornings in March 2016, I started giving Music Play classes to the children of Seabrook United Methodist Church’s Children’s Day Out program. This is an excellent non-profit, state-licensed preschool program offered to 2-year-olds (walkers) to 5-year-olds. I’m so impressed at how happy, friendly, engaged and curious the children are. And I’m happy to have found such a good fit at a preschool so close to my home studio, where I give Music Play classes for babies to 5-year-olds with caregivers, Keyboard Games classes for 4- to 6-year-olds and Piano Lessons for ages 6 and up.

As I have only been back in the Clear Lake / Bay Area for a little more than a year, after 18 years in Brazil, potential students and their families should appreciate knowing that, since the Children’s Day Out is a licensed program, I had a thorough background check and will have one every two years.

Please click on the following link for more information: Seabrook United Methodist Church’s Children’s Day Out program.

preschool music seabrook tx

Kids love to move and play while listening to or singing and chanting music. Easter is coming to Seabrook Methodist’s Children’s Day Out… (Photo credit: Jenn Lucas)

–by Carla J. Seibert

New Music Play Class Starting October 24 at 10am

singing and playing

singing and playing in Music Play class

A new Music Play group for babies to 5-year-olds and caregivers (one per student) is starting at the Musikhaus studio in Seabrook on Saturdays at 10am. Music Play is a music class rooted in research of Music Learning Theory, the main ideas of which include evidence that music intelligence is best developed in personally interactive and creative musical activities, just like language ability, and that learning best occurs in a nurturing, safe and playful atmosphere. For Saturdays at 10am, there are currently 3 openings. When this time fills up, we can open up 11am either for another Music Play class or for a Keyboard Games class for 4 and 5-year-olds (see home page for description). Contact Carla at to reserve your child’s spot.

Series of Free Music Play Classes


The Music Play series at the La Porte Community Library has come to a close, but look for another one coming to the Evelyn Meador Library in Seabrook in January!

mommy and me music seabrook tx

The chant “Rocketship” is always a favorite in Music Play classes. It uses an unusual paired meter. Whatever that is, right? It’s fun!

An Open Letter To Dr. Gordon

Edwin E. Gordon, primary author of Music Learning Theory

Edwin E. Gordon, primary author of Music Learning Theory

Dr. Gordon and associates’ research on how children learn music addresses many of my questions on how music communicates and is meaningful to us and how I can help myself and others to gain fluency in music as if it were a language. The research gets into the nuts and bolts of music learning processes. Nevertheless, my questions that it answers are fundamental life questions because I learn how to live life more fully through the interactions with the other that music provides. Art is life, and life is art, as Bakhtin would agree. I am so grateful to Dr. Gordon!

–Carla J. Seibert

The Ways Children Learn Music

Dear Dr. Gordon,

You know, of course, that your many students all over the world are thinking of you, and we trust that you are receiving the best of care. But perhaps we haven’t told you often enough how greatly your work and your thinking have guided our teaching.

Because of you, we teach with direction, purpose, and logic.

Because of you, we design and revise tests and rating scales with confidence.

Because of you, we guide our students through the stages of music babble, rather than plunge them into formal instruction before they are ready.

Because of you, we joyfully encourage our students to create and improvise (even as the students themselves have no idea that we diligently prepared them for such tasks.)

Because of you, we know what to say to parents who ask why we do what we do.

You have been the guiding force in our…

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