New Music Play Class Starting October 24 at 10am

singing and playing

singing and playing in Music Play class

A new Music Play group for babies to 5-year-olds and caregivers (one per student) is starting at the Musikhaus studio in Seabrook on Saturdays at 10am. Music Play is a music class rooted in research of Music Learning Theory, the main ideas of which include evidence that music intelligence is best developed in personally interactive and creative musical activities, just like language ability, and that learning best occurs in a nurturing, safe and playful atmosphere. For Saturdays at 10am, there are currently 3 openings. When this time fills up, we can open up 11am either for another Music Play class or for a Keyboard Games class for 4 and 5-year-olds (see home page for description). Contact Carla at to reserve your child’s spot.

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