Bay Area Chorus to Sing Veterans Concert


There will be gorgeous and inspiring music on theis program. Don't miss it!  Contact for tickets in advance.

We will sing some gorgeous, some fun, all inspiring music on this program. Don’t miss it! Gloria Dei is across the street from NASA’s Johnson Space Center. I have tickets to sell in advance (

Missa Nova: Brazilian Music Mass at Trinity Episcopal Midtown on Aug. 23

Trinity Episcopal Church in Midtown, Houston, Texas, will offer a Mass with Brazilian music (Bossa Nova and música popular brasileira) on August 23, 2015, at 11am. Jazz pianist Paul English directs the instrumental and vocal jazz ensemble. Carla Seibert of Musikhaus sings soprano.

bossa nova seabrook tx

Mass at Trinity Episcopal Houston with Bossa Nova and música popular brasileira.

Trinity Episcopal Church

1015 Holman Street at Main

Houston, Texas 77004 USA