Piano improvisations by Tatum and Berkley

Tatum, age 8, improvises at the piano. Is her music in duple or triple meter?

Berkley, age 7, improvises music inspired by Jessie, the Musikhaus mascot. Is Berkley’s music in duple or triple meter? Continue reading

Daisy’s Composition

I love this composition by Daisy, age 7, of Hall Elementary:

We talked about whether it was in duple or triple meter and decided clearly it was neither. I also love the change of resting tone from the beginning to the end and the jauntiness of the ending.

Students Leave C Behind: Final Blues Improvs (Part 4)

Beginning piano player Ernesto, age 10, pushed the envelope with chromaticisms in G to develop a blues concept so cool and suave it could be out of a 1960s spy movie, complete with orchestration:

My apologies (and gratitude) to Ernesto, Gabi and Takuto for my getting so caught up in the musical moments of their lessons that I forgot to record later versions of their improvisations. Actually I never recorded Ernesto or Takuto playing their blues at all, but at least I realized my mistake with Ernesto after his last class before vacation, so I could record what I remembered of his blues.

Below is an early version of Blues in F created by Gabi, age 11. In the next couple of lessons, she added a left hand accompaniment and extended her performance by adding another 12-bar chorus (a variation of the first 12 bars), shaping the 24 bars generally into an arch. It just kept getting funkier and groovier. But even on the very first day, her idea was already a treat: